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Instagram, Horsemanship tips & Huey - Get to know @FreedomoftheHorse

Q1: When did you first realise that you loved horses and what is the next thing you did after that?

A: I’ve always loved horses, growing up with them mum had a pony waiting for me from before I was born, so I’ve always had a pretty heavy equine influence throughout my life, from that I guess I learnt to read horses naturally just as I would people.

Q2: If you could give anyone a piece of advice in regards to working with their horse/s and starting horsemanship, what would it be?

A: I’d say not to get to focus on your goal that you forget about the horse and what their mentality on the matter is. Just make everything fun and love for both you and your horse and I can guarantee that everything will come a lot easier.

Q3: What made you start doing horsemanship in the first place and who inspires you the most to keep doing what you do?

A: Strangely enough it was Instagram that inspired me from the start, before then I was very much more on the ‘traditional’ and ‘normal’ side of horsemanship (or rather lack of) and never thought much about horsemanship. But then I came on to Instagram and found all of these amazing horse accounts that showed amazing pictures of freedom and beauty and it made me realise that that was what I wanted, I wanted a relationship with my horse that didn't need ropes or tools to be able to get along or move as one.

A long journey creating a balance that was right for my horses later, and I’m inspired to continue by Huey, as I’ve seen how much Huey has thrived and grown into a magnificent, strong and confident horse through doing the training that we do, and I want to continue for him as well as spreading and sharing to the world that such a thing as this is definitely possible!

Q4: What are the top 3 things you love most about Huey?

A: The top 3 would all have to be everything about his personality! From the start, we just meshed super well with each other, perfect match I’d love to say, which makes him an absolutely awesome horse to work with.
He’s loving, and soft which makes him a very trusting horse, then he has a very boisterous and mischievous side, always playing, always has an angle to test you and push the limits, then we get to his majestic and proud side, everything he does has to be exuberant and majestic, which makes his modelling career easier for him, I think I need to take a few tips from him on that one.

Q5: Has there ever been a point where you thought you were never going to progress or something you couldn't overcome? If so, what was it and how did you get past it?

A: Oh definitely, I know on Instagram it's really hard to share things other than the great moments, that's just how Instagram works. Huey and I have had our flat spots, where I felt like we weren't going anywhere in our training, and that's when it gets hard, it becomes less positive in your mind and that runs through the training to your horse, and before you know it both of you aren’t having any fun anymore. So to overcome these times I try my best to bring back/ keep the positive attitude, make it fun again. Or even better I seek out some new inspiration by watching videos or reading up on some other horsemanship methods, that always works well for me too, gives a new and fresh outlook on the training.

Q6: What are 3 things that make Huey, Huey? Obviously except for his extradorinaiy looks and cheeky personality...

A: When I think of Huey, I think of a boisterous and mischievous little boy that can’t help but make trouble. He even has a nickname that my mum created for him and that's ‘Poo Bear’ but most of the time its just ‘Poo’, I’m not particularly fond of it as it doesn't do justice to my majestic pony but it has seemed to sick fairly well, with no help from his actions. (This better not catch on to Instagram)
He is just such a unique horse, never had one like him and would never be able to replace him.

Q7: Did you ever expect Freedom Horsemanship to be as big as it is today? What did you image it to be when you first started posting?

A: No way did I ever expect @freedomofthehorse to get this big, it astounds me every single day, I mean 110,000* (*134,00 now to be correct) people follow me and my horses, it was more like a far-fetched dream! When I first started out I saw those big equine accounts (and big accounts back then had like 10k, only 1 or 2 equine accounts had 100k or over) and they inspired me, I wanted accounts like theirs but overall I wanted what they had with their horses, so I learnt what I could from their pages and started practising it with my horses.
I then decided to start sharing my journey on my account back when it was @running_with_wild_horses (a mouthful I know) and slowly it started growing bigger as my relationships with my horses and training grew as well. The dream came true and I couldn’t be happier and more proud of the people that follow my journey with me.

Q8: What're your top 5 favourite things to share with your followers?

A: The main thing I love sharing with my followers is the journey that my horses undertake to become something special and something truthful. It’s so great having every step of the way, and not only is the horse and I learning new things along the way, but also thousands of others are too.

Q9: What's the best thing anyone on @Freedomofthehorse has ever said or done for you?

A: I try my best to keep up with every comment and message that comes through my social media, sometimes it's like a full-time job. But every one of these likes, comments and messages that my followers take the effort to leave for me, I am grateful for. I get some of the most beautiful messages that make everything I’m doing so much more important to me. When reading the things they tell me that they can now accomplish with their horse and the simple fun they are having with my training methods, it’s honestly the best feeling, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without those people! Also a massive thank you to Equipad, who has also given me a fantastic opportunity, definitely a top moment for my Instagram!

Q10: What are the next steps for you, your horses and Freedom Horsemanship? Any secret projects or special plans for the rest of the year

A: I really just want to keep building upon what we have, keep learning new things with Huey and getting out more and sharing what we do, I guess making the ‘Freedom Horsemanship’ brand larger and more widespread. But no special secrets, or that I’m going to spill just yet, I’ll just be seeing where this year will take me, Huey and our horsemanship journey.


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