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Discontinuing Our Brushing Boots, All You Need To Know

We've spoken on the fact that our brushing boots will be discontinued for some time now, however, the time for that to happen is now closer than ever. When we launched our brushing boots in 2018 we never expected for them to be so popular. Although they've been a crowd hit, the intricacies of how they are manufactured are the reason as to why we have to discontinue them. Now, whether that be temporarily or permanently we are unsure as yet.

As you may know, each pair of our brushing boots are made to order and with that, it can take up to 6 weeks from the moment an order is placed before it arrives to you, the customer. When we launched them, we never planned to keep them around for long, only until we got our new horse and rider products developed and stocked.

Why not both?

Well, when we launch our new range of horse and rider products later this year, we will have all the stock ready to go at our HQ, this means, unlike the products currently on our website, there is no delay between when you place the order and when it can be physically shipped to you. So to keep things simple, we have decided to focus on our new range of horse and rider products and to ensure your order is delivered as a whole and in a quick and timely manner.

As we plan to launch our new products in the coming months and will ensure there is adequate notice of when they will be discontinued via our social media pages and our email newsletter.

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