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Hoof Fashion - The latest equestrian obsession.

The Equestrian world as we know and love it is evolving and so is the world of blacksmiths and farriers. The satisfaction of freshly trimmed hooves, the intriguing look of unique shoes and the unflappable admiration for their innovative ways to fix our horses feet.

We all know, deep down inside ourselves that we have a weird (but totally acceptable) obsession with the way our horse's feet look. Thankfully, farriers are acting on their Instagram accounts and posting for us all to have a little stalk through to fill the void when our horse's feet are mid-trim. We've done the dirty work for you and put together some of their best posts. You're welcome 😉


Let's ease into it with some straight-up, good lookin' hooves 😍


Shoes from the future is our first thought but these plates are equipped to reduce shock on the horses legs and feet. Pretty cool...


Now for something pretty futuristic, clip-on shoes. It's like horse version of velcro sneakers. Need. Want. Gotta Have. From Megasus Horse Runners.


If you're a matchy matchy addict and want to take it all the way, why not get matching shoes for your horse? American Equus knows how to make a statement.


A post shared by American Equus (@americanequus) on

It wouldn't be a farrier fetish without a before and after shot.


ROSE GOLD NAILS. A total all-horse, all-hoof necessity 😱


The rose gold nails in use ✨


Drunk shoeing? Perhaps? (Not really, it's actually called a Z-bar shoe).



DONKEY SHOES! Yes, that's right, donkeys can get shoes too.


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That hoof is screwed... or is it? An interesting fix to a hoof crack and a fine piece of work it is as well. #PunIntended


Something a little interesting. We've attached the caption as the farrier at work has a much better understanding of this.


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