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The Best Equestrian Podcasts of 2019

The Best Equestrian Podcasts of 2019

Whether you need something to listen to during your ride, your commute, or your couch. We've asked our fellow Equestrians on Instagram what their favourite podcasts are and this is what we found. 


The Millenial Equestrian

By Shelby Dennis. A podcast for Equestrians (or animal enthusiasts) trying to find their way in this crazy world.

Listen on Spotify / Apple Podcast



The Equestrian Podcast

Bethany Lee gets up close and personal with some of the top of the industry to talk about parts of the equestrian world that aren't often talked about.

Listen on Spotify / Apple Podcast



Olivia Towers Podcast

Olivia Covers many different topics ranging from pre-ride pep talks to get you motived and believing in yourself to all sorts of different storytime.

Listen on Spotify / Apple Podcast



The Confident Rider Podcast

The Confident Rider Podcast is for big-hearted equestrians looking to create a meaningful relationship with their horse. By Jane Pike.

Listen on Spotify / Apple Podcast



Amateur Hour Podcast

Adult amateur equestrian friends discussing topics relevant to the hunter, jumper, eventing, and overall equestrian world.

Listen on Spotify / Apple Podcast


Equiratings Eventing Podcast

The Eventing Podcast squad bring you on a weekly, data-fuelled journey through the world of eventing. Previews, reviews and analysis.

Listen on Apple Podcast


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