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Rider Wear

Discover rider wear designed for the ride ahead — and beyond. Our rider wear blends comfort, fit, and function, all while being tough enough to last the long run. It's wear that feels good, fits right, and keeps up with you and your horse, every step of the way.



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NewLimitedEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Light StripeEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Light Stripe
NewLimitedEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Black StarEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Black Star
Ribbed Riding Leggings - Jade GreenRibbed Riding Leggings - Jade Green
Marc Breeches - Hunter GreenMarc Breeches - Hunter Green
New colourLong Sleeve Polo Shirt - Light KhakiLong Sleeve Polo Shirt - Light Khaki
New colourShort Sleeve Polo Shirt - Light KhakiShort Sleeve Polo Shirt - Light Khaki
RestockedEla Seamless Long Sleeve - NavyEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Navy
RestockedEla Seamless Long Sleeve - BurgundyEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Burgundy
Sold outPolo Shirt - BrownPolo Shirt - Brown
Polo Shirt - Brown Sale price$75.00AUD
RestockedShort Sleeve Polo Shirt - Pale BlueShort Sleeve Polo Shirt - Pale Blue
Best SellerMarc Breeches - NavyMarc Breeches - Navy
Marc Breeches - Navy Sale price$120.00AUD
Ribbed Riding Leggings - NavyRibbed Riding Leggings - Navy
Ribbed Riding Leggings - GreyRibbed Riding Leggings - Grey
Marc Breeches - Dark GreyMarc Breeches - Dark Grey
Marc Breeches - Dark Grey Sale price$120.00AUD
Save $35.00The Tartan Flannel - CobaltThe Tartan Flannel - Cobalt
The Tartan Flannel - Cobalt Sale price$75.00AUD Regular price$110.00AUD
Almost goneSave $35.00The Tartan Flannel - CitrusThe Tartan Flannel - Citrus
The Tartan Flannel - Citrus Sale price$75.00AUD Regular price$110.00AUD
Sold outRecycled Long-Sleeve Base Layer - PinkRecycled Long-Sleeve Base Layer - Pink
Recycled Short Sleeve Base Layer - MochaRecycled Short Sleeve Base Layer - Mocha
RecycledHigh WaistSave $55.00Recycled Breeches - BlackRecycled Breeches - Black
Recycled Breeches - Black Sale price$90.00AUD Regular price$145.00AUD
Save $25.00Ribbed Riding Leggings - BrownRibbed Riding Leggings - Brown
Ribbed Riding Leggings - Brown Sale price$85.00AUD Regular price$110.00AUD
Ribbed Riding Leggings - MochaRibbed Riding Leggings - Mocha
Ribbed Riding Leggings - BlackRibbed Riding Leggings - Black
Sold outMulti Pack - SocksMulti Pack - Socks
Multi Pack - Socks Sale price$30.00AUD
Sold outOne Pack - SocksOne Pack - Socks
One Pack - Socks Sale price$16.50AUD
Save $45.00Marc Breeches - Peach PinkMarc Breeches - Peach Pink
Marc Breeches - Peach Pink Sale price$75.00AUD Regular price$120.00AUD
Save $45.00Marc Breeches - Henna RedMarc Breeches - Henna Red
Marc Breeches - Henna Red Sale price$75.00AUD Regular price$120.00AUD
Marc Breeches - BlackMarc Breeches - Black
Marc Breeches - Black Sale price$120.00AUD
RestockedEla Seamless Long Sleeve - BlackEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Black
Sold outOn saleEla Seamless Long Sleeve - SandEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Sand
Ela Seamless Long Sleeve - Sand Sale priceFrom $45.00AUD Regular price$75.00AUD
Sold outEla Seamless Long Sleeve - MintEla Seamless Long Sleeve - Mint
Sold outRecycled Long-Sleeve Base Layer - BrownRecycled Long-Sleeve Base Layer - Brown
Save $35.00Recycled Short-Sleeve Base Layer - BrownRecycled Short-Sleeve Base Layer - Brown
Recycled Short-Sleeve Base Layer - Brown Sale price$45.00AUD Regular price$80.00AUD