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Our mission is to create a better world for you and your horse

Behind the brand

People and planet

Since 2020, we at Equipad have been more than just a brand; we've been a close-knit family, passionately working towards a dream – a healthier, happier world for you and your treasured horses. It all started with our recycled base layers, but that was only the beginning.

Our journey in sustainable horse and rider wear has been a labor of love, growing and evolving with every step. We're genuinely excited about this journey, not just as a company, but as fellow horse lovers committed to making a real, heartfelt difference.

For the planet


all orders are shipped using compostable, recycled and recyclable packaging, always.


our office has a strong focus on fostering responsible waste disposal and sustainable practices for a greener future.


by working with the right shipping suppliers we are always looking at ways to reduce and completely offset our carbon footprint.


We prioritize sustainable materials in our products, enhancing environmental sustainability and reducing ecological impact.

For the people


where possible, we will always opt to use a diverse range of real equestrians in our photoshoots and content.


We're dedicated to improving alongside you, offering free educational content through our Podcast and sponsoring local equestrian events.


We champion inclusivity and a judgment-free community at Equipad, where every customer, rider, model, staff, and team member can genuinely be themselves.


Our founder carefully and personally vets each manufacturing partner, ensuring they uphold strict fair-work certification and ethical production standards.

as apart of our initiative to create a better world for you and your horse, we're always working towards incorporating recycled textiles and materials into every product we make.