Join the Real Riders Club - for riders who put their horse and other riders above all else.

About Equipad

At Equipad, we're all about real wear for real riders, viewing riding as more than just a sport; it's a way of life. We prioritize your horse's well-being and comfort through carefully designed products, fostering the unique bond between you and your equine bestie.

More than just a brand; we're a community of passionate equestrians. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, you're welcome to join us in your equestrian journey.

Apart from our commitments to the community, you and your horse. we're committed to sustainability. By using eco-friendly materials and practices, we aim to minimise our environmental impact in hopes to create a better world for you and your horse.

What makes a real rider

A Real Rider is someone that truly cares - they care about their, horse, their fellow riders & their planet.
A Real Rider will always prioritise their horse's happiness, health, and well-being above all else, including ribbons.
Always supportive, always celebrating each others riding journeys regardless of experience or age.