who is equipad?

about equipad

Equipad is an Australian based equestrian wear brand created out of our inate passion for horses and the sport of equestrian. Ever since our conception in 2015, we have been dedicated to creating real wear for real riders (and their steeds).

what defines a real rider is not anything that can be seen, but rather, something that can be felt. it's how they make others feel, how they treat their horse and as a whole, their perspective on riding and equestrian sports.

we think a real rider is:

someone that truly cares

they care about their horse, other riders, the environment and so much more.

putting the horse first

they will always put their horses health, happiness and wellbeing before anything else.

always uplifting others

they uplift other riders, they understand everyone is on their own riding journey, whatever that may look like

passionate and dedicated

young or old, they embrace their riding journey with the same passion as if it's the day they started

we're not here to be the same

we believe rider wear should be equal parts comfortable, durable, flattering and just down-right rideable. after years of conceptulation we released our first rider range in 2020.

the equipad journey →

♻ we're not perfect, but we're trying to be.

✬ the future is bright

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send us an email to info@equipadequestrian and we'd love to answer your questions and chat more about Equipad!