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Article: Happy Birthday to our four legged friends, our HORSES! 🎂

a birthday cake showing horses in a field with candles

Happy Birthday to our four legged friends, our HORSES! 🎂

Why do all horses have the same birthday? It's a little-known fact that horses all around the world have their own special day, and we humans have the privilege of joining in on the festivities. The reasoning behind the historic date really is just to make things easier! Here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the horses on the 1st of August, however in the Northern Hemisphere the horse's birthday is considered to be the 1st of January.

These dates were originally chosen to coincide with the start of the breeding and foaling season. This concept originated from the thoroughbred and standardbred racing industries to simplify the criteria for their racing endeavours and ensure a level playing field. Every horse is said to have their birthday on August the 1st, so they would be able to consider the year of their birthday, instead of the date.

What does a Horse's Birthday Bash look like? If we could plan the ideal horse's birthday bash, this is what it would look like! The Pre-Party Prance In the days leading up to the grand celebration, you'll notice horses practicing their fancy footwork, perfecting their trot, and even practicing their neighs for a night of merriment. They take it seriously; after all, they've got to impress the human guests! The Guest List Everyone is welcome at the Horse's Birthday Bash!

From seasoned equestrians to those who just have a love for this great animal, the more, the merrier! You can expect to see riders of all ages and backgrounds, united by their love for these majestic creatures. Of course, there will also be some celebrity appearances from famous horses in movies and TV shows, Secretariat, Phar Lap, Racing Stripes and more! The Cake Gallop No birthday is complete without a cake, and the Horse's Birthday is no exception.

Picture this: a colossal carrot cake with a delicious oat and molasses frosting, adorned with apple slices and a couple of sugar carrots on top. It's the horse equivalent of pure bliss! Trust us; you'll want to sink your teeth into that delectable delight too! Dancing with Hooves As the sun begins to set, the hooves start tapping to the rhythm of the music.

The dance floor becomes a lively spectacle of twirling horses, gracefully moving to the tunes. Some horses have even mastered the art of line dancing, creating intricate formations that would put human dance troupes to shame! So, there you have it - the thrilling, good time that is the Horse's Birthday Bash (Equipad style!) It's a celebration of these magnificent creatures, everything they do for us and the special bonds we share.

Let's raise a hoof to all the horses out there and wish them a very happy birthday, this August 1st! 🎉🐴🎂

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