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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Riding Outfit

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Riding Outfit

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Your Perfect Riding Outfit

Every rider knows, when you feel good in your outfit - you ride better.

There is no science behind it. But if you know, you know 😏

Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or newly embarking on your equine adventure, one thing's certain: crafting the ideal horse riding outfit is paramount for comfort and riding success.


 Safety First

Safety precedes style. We can’t say this loud enough, WEAR A HELMET!

When riding, or even just handling your horses, it is cool to wear a helmet and look after your head. We love the Charles Owen, SamShield and KEP Italia designs, with a large range, there is certainly something to compliment every rider (and outfit).

Each of these brands provide custom solutions and if you can imagine a rainbow, the options are endless. Always ensure your helmet complies with the latest safety standards and is replaced after a fall.

Breeches: Your Riding Partner

Now, let's talk about the lower half.

Breeches need to be not only comfortable, but the right mixture of grip, breathability and flexibility to meet all your needs.



Then we also have the evolving world of equestrian riding tights. What’s the difference?

Recycled Breeches: A more traditional feel. Fourway stretch fabric, knee grip silicone, mid to light weight fabric, high waisted. Breeches are for those who like a snug supportive fit. Made from recycled materials.

Marc Breeches: The ultimate cross. Designed to look like breeches, but feel like tights.

Ribbed Riding Tights: Ready for any adventure. Ultras soft hand on-skin feel, lightweight, unique ribbed texture, full seat silicone for extra stability and the range is here to do exactly what you need, when you need it - riding, grooming, cleaning stables, gym or traveling. It is where style and functionality unite in both breeches and riding tights. Designed and engineered for comfort, flexibility, and just the right amount of grip in the saddle, these are the epitome of “the perfect bottom”. 

Equipad Riding Tops: Comfort Meets Confidence

The perfect riding top needs to combine comfort, breathability and class. The famous and absolute crowd favourite is the Equipad V2 Seamless Tops.

Striking in looks and fit, extremely comfortable and designed for the sport that is as tolling as they come, equestrian. Taking all of these aspects into consideration, this design really ticks all of the boxes.

Styling an equestrian outfit is probably one of our favourite things to do - hence why we design riding clothing for a living, but let’s think about how you can bring style and comfort together and curate an outfit that will suit you best.


When you are putting the perfect riding outfit together, you need to think about a few different aspects:

What type of activity will you be doing?

What is your horse going to be wearing?

How do you want to feel?

When you know the answers to these questions, then you can take the next step of what pieces to put together.

  • Pairing a top, with a bottom.
  • A top tip is to always pair a dark bottom, with a lighter top, or vise versa.
  • We also recommend matching top and bottom pieces to really make a statement.

A breakdown of what we recommend for each style;

Recycled Breeches: Competition, Clinics, Lessons Ribbed: Gym, Travelling, Tack Shopping, Barn Duties

Marc Breeches: Lessons, Barn Duties, Riding at Home or Pre Riding at a Competition


girl riding in a field on a bay horse with citrus coloured saddle pad


Choosing your horse riding outfit is a blend of safety, style, and quality.

It is important to find the brand that takes the reins in all three aspects, making it your go-to destination for crafting the perfect equestrian look.

Whether you're gearing up for a competition or embarking on a leisurely ride, pick an outfit that lets you ride with confidence and comfort!

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